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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lacy Simon


  • How can I help you?
    Gifted and Talented Information
    Special Needs Assistance
    Learning Disabilities
    Students Support Team Meetings
    ADHD Information
    Middle School Questions
    Crisis Intervention
    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    How to contact me:
    Set up an appointment
    Stop by before or after school
    Drop me a note
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    Guidance Curriculum:
    The guidance program at Miller Elementary involves classroom guidance opportunities, as well as, individual and small group counseling.  A variety of topics are discussed in guidance lessons throughout the school year.  Some of the topics include:
    Conflict Resolution
    Character Building
    Violence Prevention
    Bullying Issues
    Drug Education and Prevention
    Refusal Skills
    Team Building
    Effective Communication

    Parent Involvement:
    When parents and teachers work together, they make an unbeatable team.  Parent conferences build the teamwork that helps students learn better.  Contact me and I will help schedule a conference.

    What are the counselor's limits?
    Unfortunately, I am not able to provide the following services to your child:
    Testifying in court in child-custody matters
    Providing intensive long-term counseling services for your child

    Limits of Confidentiality
    One of the most important parts of being a school counselor is being able to talk to students about personal things.  Most of what students tell me can be kept confidential, but I am required to violate that confidentiality if a student tells me one of the following things:
    If he or she is planning to hurt himself or herself
    If he or she is planning to hurt someone else
    If a child is being abused or neglected