• In September of 1957, the doors of Neil Wright School were opened for the 1st term of school as an addition to the Lubbock Independent  School District, following a redistricting.   Dr. R. E. Karper and Mr. O.C. Horn had dedicated this land previously to the site of a school when the need arose.  The beginning was on a small scale, uneventful except for the inconvenience of dust from the open fields and unpaved streets around the temporary structures (barracks to most people).


    From the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, Friday Evening December 8, 1961: 

    New School Dedicated Dedication of Neil H. Wright Elementary School, one of the city's newest plants located in north Lubbock, was marked in ceremonies in the new buildings cafeteria-auditorium Thursday night.  More than 400 persons attended Dr. James Reynolds, member of the Board of Trustees, gave the dedicatory address, and Mrs. J. Elbert Loveless, president of the Wright PTA, expressed the patrons' appreciation. Special guests were Neil Wright, school board member from 1926-1932, for whom the school was named, and Mrs. Wright. In the dedication, Dr. Reynolds said that Wright was chosen because he "exemplifies the type men who have made Lubbock the vibrant, growing community it is today."  "I dedicate Neil H. Wright Elementary School" , he stated, "to the children of this area with sincere hope that the instruction will be in the Christian and American fundamentals that have made our nation strong."  Dr. Reynolds said that the School Board was particularly proud of the modern building and plan, which features an extensive use of glass, giving an out of doors feeling glass in the corridor walls permits sharing room exhibits and contributes to the economy in construction.  It was built at a cost of $232,395.16.  The combination cafeteria-auditorium will seat 225 at tables or 425 as an auditorium.  An off-street parking area accommodates 30 cars.  Individual room heating units are equipped to bring in filtered fresh air, and the building may be expanded to 24 class rooms.

    The Neil H. Wright Elementary School at 1302 Adrian was opened in 1961. This Building is located on the north side of town and serves a residential section which is isolated from other residential areas. The school was named for Neil H.Wright, the first insurance agent to come to Lubbock. The path that led this young man to Lubbock was varied. He was the son of Scotch parents who came to this country shortly before he was born. He considered the ministry, law, and other activities before he found his place in the insurance business. He arrived in Lubbock in 1913 after traveling through various parts of the country. Among other of his experiences before he settled in Lubbock was a stay in Alaska during the gold rush.

    Mr. Wright served on the Board of Trustees from 1926-1932. In addition to this service, his concern for children was displayed in his interest in working with crippled children through the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas as well as his help in establishing the Lubbock Crippled Children’s Council. He was instrumental in getting the Lubbock Cerebral Palsy Clinic started.  He is appreciated for his extensive civic and church activities within the Lubbock community.

    Wright School is located on a ten acre site. Construction on the 16 classroom school was begun December 27, 1960. McMurtry and Craig were architects for the building which was built by Hunter Bros. Construction Company. Samson Company was the mechanical contractor, and Clark Electric Company was the electrical contractor. The cost of construction was $232.394.73 which, with architects’ fees and equipment costs of $49,628.51, made a total cost for the school of $282, 023.24. The site was donated to the district.

    Beginning in 1957-1958 classes for the school were held in temporary buildings and were moved into the permanent building in 1961-1962. Truman Shelton opened the temporary building and was principal from 1957 through the 1958-1959 school year. Ed Stokes was appointed to succeed him in the fall of 1959. At that time Mr. Stokes was assigned half-time to Wright and half-time to North Avenue U School. Mr. Stokes continued to serve as principal of Wright until the spring of 1962. John Hasselmeier assumed the position in 1962-1963 and continued until the spring of 1975. Bettye Wright was principal from the fall of 1975 through the 1976-1977 school year. B. J. Thomson followed Mrs. Wright for the 1977-78 school year. Charles Johnson was assigned to Wright School in the fall of 1978 and served in that capacity until the end of the 1984-1985 school year. Roy Carnes was appointed to the position in the fall of 1985 and has served continuously through the 1993 school year. Jesse Garza served as principal from 1993 through 2007. Myrna Porras served from 2007 until December 2009. David Doyle served as principal from December 2009 to May 2013. Amy Stephens served as principal from 2013 to 2015. Stacy Hurst is the current principal.

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