Homebound Services

  • LISD Homebound 


    The Homebound Department provides educational services for Lubbock Independent School District students, both general education and special education, who cannot attend school because of medically documented conditions. The educational services give eligible students an opportunity to continue meeting their educational requirements as medical conditions permit.

    The Homebound Department Coordinator collaborates with a campus’ General Education Homebound (GEH) and/or Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee to design a plan of educational services.

    Eligibility for Homebound educational services is contingent on a licensed medical doctor’s certification and the approval of the GEH or ARD committee. The certification process includes documentation that a student is unable to attend a public school for at least four consecutive weeks or has a chronic recurring condition that results in probable absences that total at least four or more weeks during the school year due to a medical condition.

    The Homebound Department provides three classifications of services. These include:

    • Homebound: An eligible student withdraws from their respective school and enrolls in Homebound. The Homebound teaching staff provides a minimum of four hours of instruction per week. Additional hours of instruction may apply based on the individual needs of the student.
    • Intermittent Homebound (IH): A student may qualify if he/she has a chronic, recurring condition documented by a medical doctor that will probably cause him/her to miss 20 days or more throughout the school year. The student remains enrolled on their campus and work is gathered on a daily basis for the student.
    • Transition from Homebound to the Classroom (THC): THC applies when a medical doctor clears a student on Homebound to begin to transition back to the campus on a part time basis while continuing to receive Homebound services. THC services continue until the student obtains a medical release to attend school full-time. The student remains enrolled with Homebound during the transition period and attendance is based on time served in Homebound.

    If you have a student who may be in need of Homebound support, please contact us to help you through the process.

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