• The Special Education Department is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to ensure every student with a disability receiving special education services in Lubbock ISD (LISD) reaches their true potential by:

    • Providing a full continuum of services, including 18+ services, which model the department's core values of commitment, respect and service 
    • Collaborating and working with parents/guardians, the community and campus staff to improve district services
    • Building capacity through professional development
    • Providing resources, funding and personnel support to campuses
    • Providing mediation and facilitation support services


    The Special Education Operating Guidelines (you must be signed into the LISD website to view the guidelines on the left side of the department page) are designed to provide Lubbock ISD Administrators and staff with a clear, easy to follow reference to Federal and State Regulations, as well as LISD Board Policies as they relate specifically to Special Education.

    The Operating Guidelines include topics such as: 

    1.    Identification and FAPE (Child Find, Intervention, Referral)
    2.    Full and Individual Evaluation 
    3.    Disability Requirements  
    4.    IEP Requirements (all elements-also refers to LRE section)
    5.    Instructional Arrangements
    6.    Discipline
    7.    Procedural Safeguards and Parent/Student Rights  
    8.    General Administration (personnel, funding, etc.)