AP Human Geography 2018 Summer Reading

  • AP Human Geography

    Summer Course Work


    We are excited to have you join our AP Human Geography class this coming fall! As incoming freshmen, this course can be quite challenging. We need to better assist you, students and parents, in this huge transition to high school and specifically, college level course work for AP classes as prescribed by the College Board.

    Our purpose:

    To provide a knowledge base for the course that you will be studying in the upcoming school year.  The summer work will enrich and enhance your educational experiences throughout the school year. 


    Students are expected to read, summarize, and then participate in classroom discussion the first day of class. Completion of summer reading/course work is a requirement for this class. This work comprises the first grade(s) of the semester via an assessment(s) the first “true” week of class.

    The summer assignment for rising APHuG 9th graders has two parts: 

    Assignment 1:  ‘It’s a Flat World, After All’ (adapted article from the Thomas Friedman book, The World is Flat)

    Rationale: To introduce students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that has shaped human understanding, use, cultural diffusion, globalization and alteration of our planet.

    1. Please read the article (attached PDF file)…. It's a Flat World, After All - Thomas Friedman, NY Times
    2. Please answer the document based questions that are on the attached Google file. This is optional. However, you will be able to use your questions/answers from the article on the assessment as long as they are handwritten and not typed. (DBQ is attached PDF file)

    Assignment 2:  The Geography of Current Events (attached PDF file)

    Rationale: To begin recognizing events, physical features, and locations to build background knowledge of areas we will study this year.

    1. Please find and read any three articles of your own choosing, preferably once a month, that deal with some current world or geography-related issue.
    2. Please follow directions listed on the attached Google file detailing required information, due dates, and format on how to read, summarize, and complete these current events.
    3. Your current event packet, “The Geography of Current Events” will be due sometime the first “true” week of school.

    We will be holding PRE-school informational meetings at Lubbock High at least once towards the end of summer, undoubtedly sometime in August. Please continue to check your email for notification on this meeting time and make every effort to attend THIS informative session. Both students and parents are encouraged to attend.

    We are looking forward to seeing you and are confident that you’re going to have a successful first year at Lubbock High School. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either one of us.


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