Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE)
  • Launching in 2019 - 2020, Lubbock ISD’s Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) program is a new approach to education, which focuses on strategic staffing and student support.

    ACE first identifies specific staff members who will best fit the individual needs of students at participating campuses. It then ensures every student is supported academically, socially and emotionally in order to reach his or her greatest potential.

    Our ACE campus is Dunbar College Preparatory Academy - Gabe Gillespie, Principal

    ACE not only inspires innovation, academic excellence, citizenship, and college and career readiness, it also helps eliminate previous opportunity gaps.


  • Each ACE school offers:

    • Extended school hours
    • Enrichment activities after school
    • Social and emotional learning and development
    • Free breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • A culture of high expectations
    • Financial incentives to attract and retain highly effective staff
    • Specialized training and extra professional development


  • Students and staff at an ACE school will benefit from:

    • Extra academic support - teachers will provide additional instruction, with a focus on subjects such as English and mathematics
    • Time to complete homework at school
    • Resources for character and leadership development
    • Opportunity to co-build a dynamic and transformative learning environment alongside talented peers
  • Accelerating Campus Excellence - Information
  • Accelerating Campus Excellence - Pillars
  • Parent and Family FAQs
  • Family and Student Commitment to ACE
  • What inspired the ACE program?

  • How are ACE schools chosen?

  • What does strategic staffing mean?