• Recommended Summer Storage Plan For Digital Learning Plan Equipped Schools:

    Equipment returned from retiring/non-returning teachers

    1. Please collect the Chromebook, charger, and/or any other equipment in the office
    2. Label the equipment with the teacher's name
    3. Submit a help desk ticket once everything is collected and someone from technology services will come to the campus to pick it up  

    Chromebook Carts:

    1. Print and Fill-Out Chromebook Cart Prep for Summer Storage form (attached at bottom of the page)
    2. Tape form to the top of the cart
    3. Push cart to Campus Designated Secure Room

    Display Accessories (Pens, Remotes, etc.):

    1. Print and Fill-Out Display Accessories Prep for Summer Storage form (attached at bottom of the page)
    2. Put the form and equipment in a bag or small box
    3. Store in the Campus Designated Secure Room

    Cart Keys:

    1. Turn in the cart keys to the office to store.

    Osmo (elementary only)

    All OSMO kits and iPads should be inventoried and secured for the summer. The inventory sheet should be kept in the office for distribution of kits when teachers return in August.

    Inventory Document:

    For any missing items in your OSMO kits, teachers may request replacements on the OSMO site (playosmo.com) in their account settings under replacement.