T-TESS and Student Growth Header
  • This Lubbock ISD T-TESS Student Growth website (see button to right) is designed to provide all the tools educators need to follow the Lubbock ISD T-TESS Student Growth Process EXCEPT for Student Growth Spreadsheets which MUST be downloaded from this webpage (see buttons to right).

    • Each department/curriculum area has unique instructions for the the student growth process which can be accessed by clicking the T-TESS Student Growth button to the right and navigating to the tabs along the top of the T-TESS Student Growth website.
    • An integral tool for the T-TESS Student Growth process are the Student Growth Spreadsheets
      • These Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheets MUST downloaded by clicking the T-TESS Student Growth Spreadsheet buttons to the right ->.
      • Once the Student Growth Spreadsheet Student Growth Spreadsheet button is clicked, check the downloads folder or the bottom left-hand corner of the computer window for the downloaded Excell spreadsheet.
      • The spreadsheet contains embeded formulas that are necessary when calulating student growth.
      • It is imperative that educators download the spreadsheet as a Microsoft Office Excell Spreadsheet and not a Google Sheet.
      • The Student Growth Spreadsheet should be accessed, downloaded, saved and opened on a desktop computer and not a Chromebook.
      • All other information concerning the T-TESS Student Growth process can be accessed from a Chromebook and other mobile devices.

    Contact the Leadership and Professional Development office with questions at (806) 219-0381.