ManageBac Login Information

    • ManageBac is the leading online learning platform for IB world schools. ManageBac enables efficient curriculum planning, assessment, and reporting while eliminating paperwork and enhancing communication with parents and students. This is our first year to use ManageBac. Teachers are in the process of transferring curriculum documents to ManageBac. Next year we will use ManageBac for IB MYP grade reporting. We encourage all students to know how to log in to ManageBac.
    • Every student has a ManageBac login. If you have misplaced the login information please contact Mrs. Klamath at
    • Parents - if you are wanting a ManageBac account, please email Mrs. Klameth with the following information:
      • full name
      • email address
      • student mame
      • student ID number


    ManageBac Login