• Volunteerism is the practice of giving your time and/or talents without being paid. When thinking about how you want to spend your time volunteering consider the following:

    • Do something that utilizes your skills - make sure you can do what you have committed to do.
    • Think outside the box.
    • Choose one or two projects at a time -DON'T over committ - you will find that your time is useful, valued, and rewarding!
    • Stick to the committment - Don't commit if you can't contribute fully.
    • Continue to look for opportunities - Don't give up if the first ones you attempt don't work out.
    • Keep a dated list of all of your volunteer activities to use later for academic resumés, scholarship applications, and college applications.

    Ways to volunteer:

    1) Start a tutoring program - spend your time helping other students with content they might find difficult. What subjects could you tutor?

    2) Teach a class - some students use their time to teach lessons in painting, drawing, music, or "How to use YouTube." What is a good skill you could teach to someone else?

    3) Spend time visiting and/or playing games with those who live in nursing homes and elderly care homes.

    4) Read stories to children at the public library.

    5) Groom animals at the animal shelter.

    6) Spend an hour a couple of times each week helping a school custodian after school.

    7) Go on a religious group trip to help others in another state or country.

    8) Be a 'Games Night' leader in your local community center.

    9) Help or be a coach for a little league team.

    10) Help prepare meals at a local shelter for people who need them.

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