Direct Deposit and Payroll Calendars

  • Direct Deposit

    Employees are strongly encouraged to utilize Direct Deposit processes for their pay.  

    Direct Deposit information may be entered by the employee through the Employee Service Center, clicking on My Payroll Information, and then clicking on My Direct Deposit, completing the required information.

    Direct Deposit information must be entered on or before the 1st of the month to become effective that month.  Should a change of bank occur, the employee has the responsibility of submitting new information through the Employee Service Center process outlined above.  

    Employees with direct deposit may access their pay stubs anytime through the Employee Service Center.  

    **Employee direct deposit returns/failures are processed once a confirmation of the direct deposit failure is received from the District's bank.  The employee will be contacted thereafter and a paper check will be issued for the employee to then pick up (with proper picture identification) in the Payroll Department at the District's Central Office.  A re-direct deposit for that returned check/deposit will NOT be available.  Thereafter, the employee must ensure that all direct deposit information is correct prior to the first of the following month.  Multiple returned direct deposits or errors made by the employee regarding their direct deposit information causing ongoing direct deposit failures/returns may result in paper checks being issued and mailed to the employee's home address of record for the remainder of the school year.**

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  • Overview of Payroll Pay Dates

    Lubbock ISD shall adhere to the following payroll schedules for our employees:

    Monthly Payroll - paid on the 27th of every month (if the 27th falls on the weekend, employees will receive paychecks on the Friday prior to the 27th).

    Substitute Payroll - paid on the 15th and the last working day of the month (if the pay date falls on the weekend, employees will receive paychecks on the Friday prior to the original pay date).

    Temporary Payroll - temporary employees are paid every other Monday.

    *As a reminder, the Payroll Department has no control over the actual release of funds by each employee's financial institution.  The Payroll Department issues funds in accordance with the payment schedules.

    *It is very important that each employee checks and validates his/her time each week, correcting any errors or missed punches with his/her supervisor or attendance secretary in charge of correcting time punches.  Additionally, employees are responsible for ensuring his/her timecards are turned in complete and timely to campus leadership, substitute sign in sheet(s) are completed, etc.; failure to do so may result in corrected time and pay being placed on the employee's next paycheck accordingly.

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  • 2022-2023 Payroll Calendar

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  • 2022-2023 Hourly Employee Pay Periods and Pay Dates

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  • 2022-2023 Substitute Payroll Calendar

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