AVID Site Team

  • The MHS AVID Site Team meets the first Thursday of the month to promote AVID school-wide.  It is composed of our AVID Elective teachers, Classroom teachers, Co-coordinators, and Administrators.



    Jack Purkeypile (Principal)

    Garrett Luft (Associate Principal)

    Robin Fulbright (Academic Dean, AVID Co-Coordinator)

    Kevin Carlile (History)

    Jessica Lara (11th AVID Elective Teacher, PLTW)

    Mallory Villegas (12th AVID Elective Teacher, History)

    Austin Taylor (9th & 11th AVID Elective Teacher, French, AVID Co-Coordinator)

    Zachary Collins (10th AVID Elective Teacher, History)

    Lori Burk (Testing Coordinator)

    Lacey Oliver (History)

    Celeste Carter (CIS)

    Kristen Lewis (Counselor)