Title 1 Meeting Minutes

  • Hodges Title 1 Meeting and Open House Minutes

    Open House Meeting 

    Monday, August 12, 2019

    5:30 PM – 6:30 PM, Hodges Cafeteria


    Parents and students signed in and Ms. Jimenez welcomed the audience.

    Ms. Jimenez discussed the 2019-2020 academic and attendance expectation.

    Ms. Jimenez introduced a few staff members and encouraged parents to make contact with teachers on a regular basis.

    Ms. Jimenez stated Hodges was part of the LPN (Lubbock Partnership Network) with Dunbar, Ervin, and Alderson.  She stated Hodges would be hosting additional after school programs to enhance student achievement. 

    Ms. Jimenez explained the purpose of the LPN program and goals.

    Ms. Hernandez, Social Worker, informed parent about our Title 1 program. 

    Ms. Hernandez stated Hodges receives federal funds from the state that act as supplementary funding for staff salaries, supplies, staff development, and technology. 

    Ms. Hernandez stated Hodges developed a Campus Improvement Plan that includes 10 school wide components that consist of assessments, research strategies, certified teachers, parental involvement programs, preschool transition programs, and additional services.

    Ms. Hernandez stated Hodges had the following curriculums:  Balance Literacy, Go Math Resources.    

    Ms. Hernandez stated Hodges used the following assessment tools to measure student success:  TELPAS, STAAR, and six-week district assessments.

    Ms. Hernandez stated a Parental Involvement Committee developed a Parent Involvement Plan, Compact and Calendar for the 2019 – 2020 school year.  She stated they would be sent home and posted on the Hodges Website.   Ms. Hernandez explained the purpose of each item. Ms. Hernandez stated each parent meeting would be evaluated in hopes to improve our parent involvement program.

    Ms. Hernandez stated she would welcome additional comments or concerns after the meeting or throughout the school year.

    Ms. Jimenez thanked the parents for their attendance and dismissed them into the teacher’s classrooms. 

    Several staff members assisted parents in locating their child’s classrooms.










    Hodges Title 1 Meeting and Coffee with the Principal Minutes

    Thursday, September 19, 2019

    7:30 AM – 8:00 AM    Hodges Cafeteria


    Mr. Bickley and Ms. Banda greeted parents and students as they signed-in and picked up a light breakfast item. 

    Ms. Jimenez welcomed the parents and students to Hodges and stated we were part of the LPN program (Lubbock Partnership Network) with Dunbar, Ervin and Alderson.  She stated several goals were put in places and mentioned Hodges would be starting their afterschool programs in the next few weeks.

    Ms. Jimenez reviewed, discussed and answered questions about the Campus Data Power Point.

    She stated Hodges made improvement and high expectation were set for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Mr. Estrada asked if Hodges had a bilingual program.  Ms. Jimenez stated Hodges has a certified ESL teacher per grade level, but not a bilingual program at this time.  

    Mr. Estrada asked is our campus data determined the amount of Federal funds received per campus.  Ms. Jimenez stated funding was determined on the student enrollment and the percentage of free lunch. 

    Students were dismissed to class and parent remained in the cafeteria for additional information.

    Ms. Hernandez, Social Worker, informed parents about the Hodges Title 1 program.

    Ms. Hernandez explained how supplementary Federal funds were dispersed and used to pay staff salaries (Reading Coach, Social Worker, Behavior Specialist), supplies, staff development, and technology. 

    Ms. Hernandez stated Hodges developed a Campus Improvement Plan that included research based strategies and assessments, along with a plan that required certified teachers and a parental involvement policy.

    Ms. Hernandez stated Hodges incorporated the following assessment tools:  TELPAS, STAAR and six-week district assessments. 

    Ms. Hernandez informed parents that a Title 1 committee composed of parents, teachers, and administrators developed a Parental Involvement Plan, Parent Compact, and Parent Calendar for the 2019-2020 school year.  All these documents will be distributed to Hodges parents and displayed on the Hodges web-site. 

    Ms. Hernandez stated all parent meetings would participate in a new evaluation system, so data could confirm the value of each parent meetings. 

    Ms. Hernandez distributed a yellow and red card to each parent (Yellow-I liked the meeting, Red- I didn’t like the meeting).  We received 18 yellow cards and no red cards.

    Ms. Hernandez stated she would welcome comments or concerns throughout the school year.

    Ms. Jimenez thanked the parents for their attendance and door prizes were distributed.