Student, Teacher and Parent Compact

  • Student, Teacher and Parent/Guardian Compact




    Each student should be helped to reach his/her highest potential for intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.  To achieve this, the home and school must work together by recognizing and agreeing upon the responsibilities of each party in the learning process.


    As a Hodges Student, I will be responsible for:

    1. Showing respect and cooperating with all adults at the school.
    2. Coming to class on time, in uniform, and prepared to work.
    3. Incorporating AVID skills, tools, and expectations.
    4. Respecting the rights of others to learn without disruption.
    5. Following the rules in the Code of Student Conduct, safety guideline of COVID 19, and HERD expectations.
    6. Participating in Virtual Learning as deemed necessary.


    As a Hodges teacher, I will be responsible for:

    1.  Providing instruction in a way that will motivate and encourage my students.
    2. Providing a safe and positive atmosphere for learning and implementing COVID 19 Policies and procedures.
    3. Explaining assignments so that my students have a clear understanding.
    4. Supplying clear evaluations of student progress to both students and parents.
    5. Preparing students for college, career, and life.
    6. Implementing lesson plans for Virtual Learning Skills.


    As a Hodges Parent/Guardian, I will be responsible for:

    1. Providing a safe, caring and restful environment, so my child is ready to learn and protected from the COVID 19 Virus.
    2. Providing a time and place for quiet study and reading at home.
    3. Helping my child in any way possible to meet his/her responsibilities.
    4. Sending my child to school every day, on time, in uniform and ready to learn.
    5. Encouraging my child for college and career readiness.
    6. Supporting my child with Virtual Learning assignments.