Nine-Week Grading Period Information and Survey

  • Considerations for Lubbock ISD Transition from Six-Week to Nine-Week Grading Period 

    Lubbock ISD is considering transitioning from a six-week grading period to a nine-week grading period beginning with the 2020-2021 school year. According to the district calendar, each semester would be divided into two, nine-week grading periods, with a total of four grading periods for the year. This shift would align with the district’s mission to nurture, develop, and inspire every child, every day.

    What the extended grading period does do:

    • does allow more time for students to fully learn, understand, and demonstrate knowledge before grades are recorded
      • experts agree that grades should represent student performance after they have had the chance to practice and receive feedback and intervention
      • decisions about what to grade can be more authentic to student learning to show adequate evidence of student mastery
    • does give time for teachers to assess a student’s grade of concepts giving the teacher time to reteach or reassess their students as necessary

    What the extended grading period does not do:

    • does not alter the district calendar; all holidays, breaks, etc. will remain the same
    • does not modify the hours in the school day or class period times
    • does not change progress reports; they will still be distributed every three weeks
    • does not change how parents and students check grades; Frontline/TEAMS Gradebook will still be used to check grades
    • does not affect required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
    • does not impact the dates of STAAR or EOC testing
    • does not alter a student’s credits or graduation requirements