Elementary Level Programs

  • Take Flight

    Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia is a two-year curriculum written by the staff of the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Take Flight was designed for use by Certified Academic Language Therapists for children with dyslexia ages 7 and older. The two-year program is designed to be taught four days per week (60 minutes per day) or five days per week (45 minutes per day). It is intended for one-on-one or small group instruction with no more than six students per class. 

    LEXIA Core5

    LEXIA is a computer-based personalized reading curriculum for Pre-K through Grade 5 dyslexic students. It is used only as a supplement to core reading intervention and can be accessed at home and school.  


    Esperanza is a Spanish multisensory, structured language program for Spanish-speaking students. The goal of the Esperanza Program is to provide a multisensory, squential, systemic, structured literacy approach to achieve Spanish literacy. The program addresses the following areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

    For students receiving special education services who require a more intensive dyslexia program, there is an additional program available:

    Read Well

    Read Well is used with elementary dyslexic students requiring more intensive reading support. Read Well is a comprehensive, research-based, K-3 reading and language arts solution that helps students build the critical skills needed to be successful readers and learners. It provides systematic, explicit instruction in the five areas critical to reading with understanding: phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. It consists of whole-class and small-group instruction. Students are placed into small groups based on assessed skills, and must acquire mastery to move on to the next unit. The curriculum consists of 4 levels: Read Well K, Read Well 1, Read Well 2, and Read Well 3.