A group of IB seniors 2020
  • About the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) 

    International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a holistic, world-recognized curriculum that emphasizes well-roundedness, global-mindedness, and community engagement. This challenging program is designed to help highly motivated juniors and seniors relate their academic experiences to the realities and complexities of the world around them. Through ongoing opportunities for critical thinking and personal reflection, students will emerge from the IB program with a greater sense of who they are and how they can use their individual strengths to have a positive impact on their society.  Students pursuing the IB Diploma will be prepared for success at universities throughout the world and may earn significant college credit for qualifying exam scores.

    The IB Diploma Programme has been available to Lubbock High students since 2001.  We are proud to be the only high school in this area to offer this life-altering educational path.


    Basic Requirements of the I.B. Diploma Programme 

    • Earn qualifying exam scores in 6 subject groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Society, Sciences, Mathematics, and The Arts
    • Develop research and communication skills (written and oral) through IB course projects, such as research papers in various disciplines, oral presentations, group projects, guided discussions, and more.
    • Be involved in Creativity Activity Service (CAS) opportunities and complete the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) philosophy course -- a unique class at the core of the IB curriculum and available only to IB students.
    • Investigate a topic of personal academic interest through the construction of a 4,000-word Extended Essay (EE).


    Lubbock High I.B. Testimonials

    "My IB experience has significantly enhanced my intellectual curiosity. From learning about the implications of history on modern politics in my World Topics class to discussing the ways in which individuals construct arguments in my Theory of Knowledge class, each day I am pushed to become a better critical thinker, reader, writer, and speaker. While I am certainly growing as a student, I feel that the true value of IB lies in the fact that I’m also growing as a person.” - Fawwaz Shoukfeh 

    "IB extends beyond traditional curriculum to provide an indispensable student experience. I have developed from the program a more analytical perspective, a virtue which has both enhanced my potential to communicate ideas and broadened my acknowledgement of inter-discipline. IB has aided me beyond coursework, however; due to IB, I possess a more global perspective, an enhanced ability to manage my duties, and a fortified preparedness for college and beyond.” - Jemma Gaines

    "IB is where I made one of my best friends. It is a great community to build lifelong friendships and relationships with your teachers. IB taught me many things, but I take pride in the resilience I’ve gained because of the program." - Faith Avery

    "IB is a wonderful and challenging environment for students. The teachers genuinely care about the students and their improvement, both academically and as a person. The work can be quite difficult and time consuming, but it is also very rewarding." - Spencer Morgan

    "I loved my experience in Lubbock High's IB program. The teachers I had covered their subjects in great depth, and I routinely had the opportunity to thoroughly explore my own interests through various projects. IB also prepared me well for college, helping me hone my writing skills and quickly adjust to the workload." - Rhosean Asmah

    "The people. The friends, who turn school into a place and time filled with memories and fun. From running down school hallways, sneaking off to eat lunch at totally legal on-campus establishments, and engaging in passionate debates over elephantine artwork, I will never forget this program. The teachers, who teach and humor us, who mentor and guide us, who support and encourage us, and who devote so much time and effort into helping us grow up while never forgetting to show us that they are very much growing up with us as well. I am forever indebted to each and every person who played a role in making me who I am today. Thank you." - Luca D'Amico-Wong 

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    Structure of I.B. at L.H.S.

    IB Learner Profile

    The I.B. journey begins junior year and spans the last two years at Lubbock High School. Students choose their coursework based on courses in which they feel they will thrive and grow. The IB requires students to test in six subject areas, take Theory of Knowledge, and complete the Creativity Activity Service and Extended Essay requirements. Students generally have seven IB courses (often including their fine art or other passion as an IB course) and one elective junior year, then six IB courses (again, often including their fine art or other passion as an IB course) and two electives senior year. This structure does not usually allow for ATC classes to be taken in conjunction with IB during junior year, depending on the student's transcript prior to entering the IB programme. 

    Below are the various course options for each subject of IB. Students are required to take three of their subject exams at the HIGHER LEVEL (HL) and three of their subject exams at the STANDARD LEVEL (SL). Two of the HL exams are decided for students: English and History must be taken at the higher level (and students tend to do incredibly well on these two exams).

    Group One: Studies in Language and Literature

    • IB English III and IB English IV HL (Mr. Jeremy Tow)

    Group Two: Language Acquisition

    Group Three: Individuals and Societies

    • IB History of the Americas (HoA) and IB World Topics (WoTo) HL (Mr. Thomas Reynolds)

    Group Four: Sciences

    Group Five: Mathematics

    Group Six: The Arts*

    *Alternately, the group six subject could be an additional subject from one of the other groups. Those possibities are listed under the arts as well for the sake of simplicity).

    Additional components of the IB Diploma journey:

    Theory of Knowledge (ToK) The goal of this two-year class looks simple: to learn how one thinks. The method for attaining this goal, however, is very complex and requires deep contemplation. Students will receive comprehensive guidance in their quest to understand how one approaches and makes decisions. This course is the center of IB. The instructor for this course is Mr. Nathan Timmons, who is also our IB Lead Teacher. This year long course is taken the second semester of junior year and the first semester of senior year (the first semester of junior year is AP Economics and the second semester of senior year is AP Government, two semester courses required for graduation).

    Creativity Activity Service (CAS) The IB takes seriously the importance of life outside the world of scholarship and encourages students to learn through experiences. Students are required to reflect on and document a minimum of 50 hours in each of the three CAS areas. Students journal and keep mementos of qualifying activities. Our CAS coordinator is Madame Emily VanDon. This is an additional component of IB, but not a class. 

    Extended Essay (EE) The 4000-word essay, an intrinsic part of IB, is an in-depth study of a limited topic within a subject area. Its purpose is to provide candidates with an opportunity to engage in independent research. Emphasis is placed on the communication of ideas and information in a logical and coherent manner. Our EE coordinator is Mrs. Jennifer HarrisThis is an additional component of IB, but not a class. 

     For additional information on International Baccalaureate, contact IB Programme Coordinator Erin Castle.

    IB Class of 2020