IB Bilingüe
  • A bilingual diploma is awarded to candidates who complete and receive a grade 3 or higher in two languages selected from the IB Diploma course studies in language and literature.

    Students who gain a grade 3 or higher in studies in language and literature and a grade 3 or higher in an individuals and societies or science subject, completed in a different language, will also receive the bilingual diploma.

    Currently we offer one pathway to the Bilingual Diploma: through Spanish Language and Literature. A student who takes Spanish Language and Literature and earns a 3 or higher in that subject plus English Language and Literature, history, or science is eligible for the Diploma Bilingüe.

    We are thrilled to give our Spanish speaking population the opportunity to enhance their education in two languages they have mastered. We hope this will provide a new continuum from LISD's elementary campuses with dual language programs to the Lubbock High School IB Diploma Bilingüe Programme.