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    Lubbock ISD Families,

    Lubbock ISD Health Services and Safety and Security Department has expanded operations to rapid test more individuals. In conjunction with the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), Texas Education Agency (TEA), and City of Lubbock Health Department; Lubbock ISD will phase in rapid antigen based testing for Lubbock ISD staff and their family members. We will also offer this service to all employees that work for Lubbock ISD and for those that work for Sodexo, Durham Transportation, and Aramark in conjunction with Lubbock ISD.  We are also offering testing for students that are currently enrolled in Lubbock ISD.

    The test takes approximately 15 to administer and patients will receive their results by text and email within a few hours after the test. Patients are not permitted to wait in the clinic. Testing is conducted by Lubbock ISD nurses. It’s hopeful this will reduce the number of absences currently impacting Lubbock ISD. Please help us serve more employees and their families by following the following protocols:

    • All patients must pre-register and students must have a signed consent form from a parent or guardian to be tested.
    • Testing is by appointment only.  There is no need to arrive early, but do show up on time.
    • Face coverings are mandatory. 
    • If you’ve had close contact or suspect you’ve been exposed, wait five (5) days before scheduling an appointment.
    • If you have been quarantined, you can not test out of quarantine early. It may take up to 14 days to test positive and/or develop symptoms.
    • Park in the East parking lot and enter Central Office through Door 5. You are restricted from entering any other door. 
    • Use the staircase in the breezeway by Door 5 to access the second floor and Room 220.
    • Following your test, use the same staircase and exit through Door 5. 
    • If you have any questions, please call 806-219-0229.
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