• A Qualifying Life Event is a birth/adoption, death, marital status change, or spouse/dependent employment change with coverage loss.  Proof of the event is required to be submitted/uploaded in FFenroll (example, birth documentation, adoption documentation, loss of coverage letter for dependent coverage from their insurance company, etc.).


    Changes outside of a regular open enrollment period MUST be made within 31-days of the event with submission of the event through FFenroll along with the appropriate documentation (see instructions below).  If submitted after 31-days of the event change, the request will be denied (changes will then need to be made during the next open/annual enrollment period).


    The Qualifying Life Event must be submitted through the FFenroll benefits enrollment site by following the instructions/process accordingly.  A change/addition to one's medical or dental insurance plan will be considered with the addition of or dropping of coverage request with supporting documentation but this qualifying life event does not include and will not allow changes of plan type (switching from one medical plan to a different medical plan) - changes of one's plan specifically can only be made at initial enrollment or at open/annual enrollment.


    For questions, please contact Risk Management at 806-219-0281, 806-219-0280, 806-219-0283, or 806-219-0235.


    Filing a Qualifying Life Event through FFenroll