• ASVAB Information


    The ASVAB Career Exploration Interest Inventory provides high quality, career exploration and planning at no cost to high school students. Whether a student is thinking about going to college or trade school, joining the military, or entering the workforce, the ASVAB Program can help identify and prepare him/her for a career that suits them. The ASVAB Program provides students tools to explore interests, skills and values, as well as careers that fit their strengths. This is accomplished in three easy steps.

    • Take the ASVAB test.
    • Identify your interests.
    • Explore more than 400 occupations based on your strengths.

    Monterey offers the ASVAB Career Interest Inventory once a year at no cost to students. Most generally the exam is given in late fall. Once students receive their scores, they will be provided with the opportunity to attend an ASVAB interpretation meeting to help them understand their results and career strengths.


    Monterey will offer the ASVAB on November 10th, 2021. Students can sign up until October 27th.


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    Understanding the ASVAB

    Here are some helpful resources to help students better understand their ASVAB results. This information will walk students through the process of understanding their results and identify career opportunities based on identified strengths.

    SVAB Career Exploration Program Power Point

    Guide Your Students To Career Satisfaction Video

    After the ASVAB

    More score interpretation information can be found HERE.