Graduate Outcomes

  • Here at Brown Elementary, we strive to equip students to be college and career ready, especially focusing on medical-STEM career possibilities. Because of this, we target the following as characteristics to develop in all of our students.

      • Agency - Students at Brown will engage in reflection and discussion about their academic and social progress. They will conference regularly with their teachers and learn to identify their strengths and areas for support and to set goals for themselves.  By learning agency, they will be better equipped to pursue their educational, career and life goals.

      • Collaboration - Students at Brown Elementary will have daily opportunities to collaborate with peers to build academic skills as well as to learn with and from each other.  At the same time, they will learn accountability and self-confidence.  

      • Communication - Students at Brown Elementary will become effective communicators, both orally and in writing, by having daily opportunities to engage in each.  Students will work on interpersonal communication through effective informal, pair, and small group interactions.  

      • Problem Solving - Students will learn and apply the PLTW Engineering Design Process to solve problems that relate to the world around them. Students will engage in hands-on activities and become collaborative problem solvers ready to take on any challenge.