• Night School Mission Statement  

    The Matthews Night School Program mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment that promotes the opportunity for all Lubbock I.S.D. students to graduate and acquire a high school diploma.  



    • Students will be enrolled based on the individual need to recover credits for graduation.
    • Students must be in attendance for each nightly school session. 
      • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 5:00 pm-8:00 pm.
    • Mandatory to sign in and out daily with accurate time.
    • No phone use is allowed in the lab.
    • All students are required to work on their assigned program the entire time.  (3 hrs.)
    • No talking or socializing during class time.  (Social sites are prohibited on district issued equipment.)
    • Breaks are allowed, but keep in mind that you must work to gain credits.
    • Students/testers are required to attend EOC review courses when offered.
    • Failure to show up for STAAR testing will result in immediate withdrawal.
    • You are allowed drinks and snacks, no full-course meals.
    • We will not accept calls regarding night school. Please see Mrs. Thompson if you have concerns.  


    Remember: Night school is a mature, self-motivating option for students seeking a high school diploma. We will allow all enrolled that opportunity. We will not facillate and entertain students that are a disturbance.