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    Call 806-219-0600 (press 0 during the intro to skip) or Email MaterialsProduction@Lubbockisd.org for any questions.

    To make a credit card payment online click here 

    be sure to email your receipt to MaterialsProduction@lubbockisd.org


     Please keep in mind that the MPC is a self-service facility; therefore, we do NOT take orders.  

    Created as a place for teachers to produce instructional materials, the Materials Production Center (MPC) is a dynamic place for teacher collaboration and sharing. Open all year, this self-service facility can be used by LISD staff and volunteers to work on projects for the school district.

    The MPC staff provides technical assistance as well as ideas and creative samples of what this facility is capable of. From lamination to poster making, the MPC provides teachers and volunteers with resources and equipment to support their teaching endeavors and create classroom aids.

    This teacher workroom is a great place to work on lesson plans, create classroom visuals or make copies for their students. The MPC has a variety of supplies available: computers, FULL-COLOR xerox, large-format printers to create and print posters or banners. A multitude of paper available for purchase, including colored paper, card stock, construction, sticker paper, and more! We offer glue sticks, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and many other items free to use at the MPC. For a full list of supplies, please click here. For more information, please visit our FAQ.


    Changing our invoices

    Please note that we now have an invoice for CHARGING and one for PAYING (cash or check only). Everyone is required to fill these out completely, do not leave any line on top section blank.

    Charging Invoice    Paying Invoice  



  • Who can use the MPC?

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    The center is available to all LISD employees, volunteer/booster personnel, LISD retirees, and TTU CISER. The Materials Production Center is not a public use facility.

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  • Do the staff provide the service of printing/laminating/completing projects for teachers?

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    No, we provide training for people to learn how to use our equipment & are here for guidance if they need help with projects. If you call or email us with your projects and we agree to do it for you we charge a $5 order fee per task. ($5 to print $5 to laminate...) We cannot guarantee a completion time, our job is to assist those who come in. The MPC is a self-service facility.

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  • Can the center be used for personal projects?

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    LISD employees may use the center for personal use. During busy times of the year, we ask that these projects are kept to a minimum so teachers and staff can have full access to everything the MPC has to offer. We encourage you to use our self-service Saturdays for personal projects. Volunteers and non-LISD employees are limited to only work on school-related projects.

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  • What is the difference between the Materials Production Center and the Print Shop?

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    The MPC is a self-service facility, whereas the Print Shop is a full-service facility. You can come into the MPC to work on your projects, and we are here to help where assistance is needed. Keep in mind that the Print Shop does not have large-format printers, so they are not capable of printing anything larger than 11x17 and they have a minimum order of 50 pages.

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  • Can we use our own materials?

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    Yes, the MPC encourages people to bring their own materials or purchase supplies from the center. (If you decide to bring your own paper to print on, we still charge our standard printing prices).

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  • What type of printers do you have?

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    We have two Xerox copiers which print both color and black and white copies (8.5x11 and 11x17). We also have five large format printers which print 13x19, 18x24, 24x36 and banners which are generally 60” in length and no more than 36” wide.

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  • What size are the laminators?

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    We have 2 laminators that measure 24” wide at $.30 per ft and one that accepts up to 26" wide at $.60 per ft.

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  • What forms of payment do you accept?

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    We accept card, cash (no bills over $20 unless no change is needed), checks, or you may charge to your school with prior permission from campus principal.

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  • Who do we make checks out to?

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    You can make your checks out to LISD or Materials Production.

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  • May we send students to the MPC?

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    Teachers are allowed to bring students to the center if they are accompanied by an LISD staff member. Exceptions made per MPC staff.

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    1715 26th Street.

    Call: 806-219-0600 (PRESS 0 TO SKIP INTRO)

    Email: MaterialsProduction@Lubbockisd.org

    Print Shop can be contacted at 806-219-0602


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    Friday 8am-4:30pm



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    Fridays CLOSED 


    2022-2023 HOLIDAY HOURS

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    April 10, 2023 - CLOSED (contingent upon inclement weather)

    May 29, 2023 - CLOSED



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