Steps to Taking an Online Courses

  • Steps to Taking an Online Course with Lubbock ISD:

    1. Students must have access to a computer and access to the Internet in order to login to the online courses.

    2. Consider your courses carefully. Online courses can be time-consuming. Do not try to take too many courses at one time; especially the first time you take online courses. Students are allowed to take 2 online courses each session due to the amount of time involved. If a student needs to take more than two online semester courses, they will need to get approval from their counselor.

    3. Check with your school counselor so that they are aware of your interest in the online courses and may guide you in selecting courses needed for your graduation plan.

    4. Register online for your course during the open registration timeframe. Click the Online Registration link found on the Online Learning Program - Overview webpage. Make sure to complete the 4-step registration process to have your request submitted. You will receive a full-page receipt stating, "Thank you for your order! Print this page for your records."

    5. Watch for the confirmation email sent to the email address provided during registration. The email will contain information needed concerning courses and the start of the session.

    6. Once you have received the confirmation email, look for your login/password information to arrive via email. This email will be sent out approximately one week before the online session begins.

    7. On the morning of date the online session begins, an email will be sent out letting students know that the course links have been made available. It is the student's responsibility to login to the class and follow instructions on how to begin working on assignments.

    8. Students should email any questions or problems to their online instructor.

    Important Qualities of a Successful Online Student:

    • Must be self-reliant and self-motivated
    • Must have good self-discipline
    • Must have good, basic computer and technology skills
    • Must be able to read carefully and to follow all written instructions
    • Must be proficient in using a Web browser
    • Must be proficient in sending and receiving email - must check email daily