• This is it!

    Are you ready for your last year in high school and the transition to "The Real World"?

    Here are some things to think about:

    1) Start Applying NOW: If you are planning to attend a college in Texas (4-year or 2-year), go ahead and start the ApplyTexas application. This "common" application is like 'one-stop shopping' when applying to Texas Colleges! Simply complete one application and submit it to the schools of your choice.

    Additionally, the CommonApp application can be used similarly and includes many of the Texas Private Colleges and universities: 

    If you want to attend South Plains College as your next step: http://www.southplainscollege.edu/apply.php

    2) Register online to take College Entrance Exams: Feel like you need to get another college entrance exam (ACT/SAT) under your belt? Then check out these testing times and sign up online. Click on the following to get current testing dates: SAT or ACT

    • Send your scores - CHS cannot send official SAT or ACT scores, only the organizations who create the tests can do that --> Do you know your College Board Account information (www.collegeboard.org) and/or ACT Account information (www.act.org)?
    • Remember your account information. Your CHS Counselors do not have this information because it is personal and linked to your College Board or ACT Account. If you can't remember, call either College Board at 866.315.6068 or click the link to go online (CB Can't Access) or for ACT, clink the link to go online (ACT Can't Access) to reset your password.

    3) Contact the Registrar to request an official transcript: Need to have a transcript sent to a college, university, job, or scout? Then contact the CHS Registrar, Pam Beckett - Use the online for on the CHS Home page (https://www.lubbockisd.org/Page/12486 ) or email: pamela.beckett@lubbockisd.org or phone: 806.219.1133 to request a transcript. REMEMBER: your counselor cannot send an official transcript, only the school registrar can!

    4) Order Your Cap and Gown:  Seniors will have an opportunity to hear information about ordering caps and gowns from Herff Jones on October 11 during 2nd period. Ordering packets will be available at the meeting or later for pick up in the counseling office. You can also go directly to the Herff Jones Store at 2904 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79411 or call (806) 744.7737

    5) Take the TSI Test: Have you taken the TSI Test? Unlike the SAT or ACT, the TSI is a placement test that is required for all students enrolling in Texas colleges and universities. Whether you are enrolling as a freshman in a college or just taking a dual credit course, you must complete the TSI before you can take college classes. Check here for :

    6) Request Recommendations: Make sure that when you request a recommendation from a counselor or teacher that you use professional courtesy and give them at least TWO weeks to complete the recommendation. Also, if your recommendation needs to be mailed, you should give them an addressed, stamped envelope with the address where the recommendation needs to be mailed.

    7) Know the Date of Graduation: Make sure you know the date of graduation! Graduation: Saturday May 27, 6:00PM at United Supermarkets Arena. There will be a MANDATORY rehearsal on Friday, May 26, 1:00 -2:30PM. You MUST attend the rehearsal to participate in the actual graduation ceremony; start planning NOW!

    8) Visit the LEARN Advisor: Did you visit with the LEARN Advisor about the FAFSA or financial aid? Remember that the State of Texas requires that you and your parents complete the FAFSA as a graduation requirement (other options are available depending on need)

    9) Keep up with SENIOR Information: https://www.smore.com/evysn

    10) Continue to RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIPS! This should be a continual process that you started last year as an 11th Grader. Check out the CHS Scholarship File continually.