The Countdown Begins...

  • Ten, Nine, Eight... As 11th Graders you are in the final two years of your high school career. Don't succumb to the pressure; keep yourself organized and complete one thing at a time. This "To do" list will help you stay organized and keep you ahead of the game!

    Junior things to think about:

    1) Make sure you have all the credits you need for graduation - don't wait until senior year and find out you missed taking a course that was required for graduation! Talk to your counselor and/or check your transcript for accuracy.

    2) Begin your college research NOW! Don't expect to wait until senior year to visit colleges, do it NOW! It takes time to decide where and when you want to go to college. Once you know where you want to apply, then you need to decide what the college requires TO apply. Research takes time; start NOW.

    3) Make sure you remember your Collegeboard account. Don't expect anyone (ie. Mom, Dad, teachers, Counselors) to remember your account. This is your ticket to schedule and take SAT tests and to have scores sent where you want them. This is YOUR ACCOUNT - Go to to login

    4) Make sure you take either an SAT or an ACT in the spring of your 11th grade. Students of LISD have the luxury of having a district-wide SAT test, so make sure you have prepared to take it! If you miss the district distribution, you can always sign up through your Collegeboard account for any of the other testing days.

    5) Make sure you make time to study! Grades are still important and your GPA continues to be calculated until the end of your senior year.