• Welcome to High School!


    9th Graders

    Don't get overwhelmed! High School is a completely different system than middle school. Pace yourself and create good study habits FAST! Remember that your high school GPA begins in 9th grade and continues to build through the next 4 years.

    10th Graders 

    You have a year behind you - was it a good year or a not so good year? Whichever the case, work on building good study habits (remember good habits work for both job and school)

    Things to think about:

    1) Start imagining what kind of career you want and research what courses you might need to build your skills. Don't take a course because your friend is taking that course - think about what courses will benefit YOU!

    2) Think about what happens immediately after you graduate, because time in high school goes very quickly.

    3) Keep your grades in school as high as you can. GPA calculations start in 9th grade; don't let your first GPA calculation be low - it's very hard to raise a low GPA.

    4) Practice talking and communicating with your teachers - Communication is the primary skill for success; it might feel scary, but it's like anything that you practice --> practice makes perfect!

    5) Practice setting aside social media at school until the end of the day. You will notice that your focus in class will be better and you will understand homework assignments better!

    6) Start Study Groups! Do you know what a study group is? Its a group of students getting together to go over notes, work on a homework assignment or study for a test. Plan to meet at least a couple of times each week before or after school- in a teacher's classroom, off campus at a coffee shop, or even by group chat on your phone. 

    7) Keep up with your College Board Account information! You should always know how to log in to your College Board account for PSAT scores, SAT scores, AP test scores and even test prep for the exams. Your counselors and teachers do not have your account information (because this is private and only you can give it out). Do you know your College Board account? If not, call the Southwestern Regional Office at 866.392.3017 so they can guide you back into your account. www.collegeboard.org