House Bill 5 College Readiness

  • House Bill 5 (HB5) has brought many facets to the reconstruction of the Texas educational system. The most familiar and earliest segment is changing from 15 EOC exams to 5 tests that are required for graduation. 

    Another segment of HB5 addresses college readiness and preparing students for higher education.  Through HB5, TEA requires that districts partner with a college and develop a plan for meeting college readiness standards at the high school level.    LISD has entered into a partnership with South Plains College and is meeting this requirement by embedding strategies in designated English and Math courses for students who plan to attend South Plains college after graduation.  The college readiness course will have a grade and will appear on the transcript.  However, the grade will not be factored into GPA and honor roll calculations.  Within the class, students would have the opportunity to receive strategies and remediation to assist in meeting TSI requirements.   In the spring, students take a college readiness test provided by SPC, and if standard is met, South Plains College would then count the exam as meeting college readiness standards.  

    If your senior is not attending South Plains College, then he/she must meet college readiness standards by either retaking the SAT for a total score of 1070, if taken January 23, 2016 and before, or if the SAT was taken after January 23, 2016, students must have a 530 in Math and a 480 in ELA/critical reading.  The ACT is also acceptable if the student has a score of 23, or has taken the TSI test and passed all sections. 

    College readiness does not affect admission to college; it just determines whether your senior, upon entering college, will take a remedial college English/Math course, or by meeting TSI compliance, they are fully prepared for on-level college courses.

    The LHS Counselors will track SAT and ACT scores throughout this school year.  If your senior has taken a TSI test, please provide the Lubbock High Counselors with a copy to verify all sections have been passed.  In doing this, your senior will not have to participate in the SPC College Readiness final exam and will only need to pass their senior year English and/or math class.