Need a great recommendation?

How to Request a Recommendation

  • Requesting a recommendation is both a college and a career skill. You need to remember professional courtesy when you request a recommendation.

    Follow these steps to a great recommendation:

    1) Decide early who you would like to write your recommendation and ask them at least two weeks prior to the deadline to submit your recommendation; if you expect a quick turn around, you should expect a 'not-so-thorough' recommendation and a frustrated recommender.

    2) If your recommendation needs to be mailed, make sure you give the recommender a stamped, addressed envelope with the address where the recommendation should be sent.

    3) Remember that some recommendations require that you sign that document before giving it to the recommender. Don't expect the recommender to complete the form and then you sign it; that breaches the confidentiality of the recommendation.

    4) Make sure that when you ask for a recommendation, you give the recommender a resumé or a list of your accomplishments in high school. This will help him/her write a better recommendation. You can also complete the CHS "Red Packet" located HERE or create a resumé