• Newsletter: Time to start planning ahead for your retirement. A great way to get a head start on retirement planning are 403(b) supplemental retirement plans. The Newsletter provides a one-stop guide to help employees enroll under a 403(b) plan. The plan is aimed to help employees plan for their financial future with the opportunity to start saving early. 403(b) plans allows contributions and investment earnings to grow tax deferred until withdrawal.


    Universal Availability Notice: First Financial Administrators, Inc. is also pleased to present your Universal Availability Notice for use by employers that sponsor 403(b) plans. The IRS Universal Availability requires for you provide all employees the opportunity to contribute to a 403(b) plan regardless of hours worked. If you do not allow for all employees then you are required to keep track of hours worked. In order for this deferral opportunity to be considered effective, an employee must be able to make an initial deferral election or change an existing deferral election at least once during each plan year.


    If you are interested in signing up with a 457(b) please contact your First Financial account manager. Please refer to our website address www.ffga.com for all of your plan information such as: plans offered, approved vendors, summary of options, due dates, forms, your rules for solicitation and your Retirement Specialist name, number and email.

    Lubbock ISD does have established guidelines for 403(b) solicitation that are required to be followed throughout the District - please see the attached guidelines:

    Lubbock ISD - 403(b) Solicitation Guidelines


    403(b) Newsletter (2022)

    403(b) FAQ (2022)

    403(b) Universal Availability Notice (2022)

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    403(b) Frequently Asked Questions

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    If you have any questions, please contact your Retirement Specialist at 800-523-8422.