Procedures for Assessment

  • Assessment for dyslexia will be recommended if a student demonstrates the following:

    • Poor performance in one or more areas of reading and spelling that is unexpected for the student’s age/grade
    • Characteristics and risk factors of dyslexia

    Assessment Process

    Through the IDEA process, Lubbock ISD will complete the evaluation using the following procedures:

    • Notify parents/guardians of the proposal to assess the student for dyslexia
    • Inform parents/guardians of their rights under IDEA
    • Obtain permission from parents/guardians to assess the student for dyslexia
    • Assess the student, being sure that the individuals who administer assessments have training in the evaluation of students for dyslexia

           1. Data Gathering

               Collect academic history; samples of school work; teacher reports; parent reports; interventions/accommodations provided; classroom/state assessments; observations; outside evaluations; universal screening; attendance, and any other pertinent data.

           2. Formal Assessment

               Formal assessment includes both formal and informal data. All data will be used to determine whether the student demonstrates a pattern of evidence for dyslexia.

    Domains to assess include:

    • Academic skills – Letter knowledge, decoding, word recognition, fluency (rate, accuracy, and prosody), spelling, and reading comprehension
    • Cognitive processes – Phonological processing, rapid naming, and orthographic processing
    • Additional areas – May include listening comprehension, vocabulary, handwriting, written expression

    Questions to be considered when making a determination of dyslexia:

    • Does the data show a pattern of low reading and spelling skills that is unexpected for the student in relation to the student’s other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction?
    • Does this pattern indicate the student has dyslexia?
    • Does the student have a disability under IDEA?