Irons Chess Club

  • Chess club is open to all students, sixth through eighth.  Students may join at any time thoughout the year.  Any students interested should contact the librarian and chess club sponsor, Ms. LaMunyon.


    We meet in the library every other Tuesday during 2nd period study hall.  Additional matches may be scheduled between members through Ms. LaMunyon.

  • The Chess Ladder

    The Chess Ladder is an all-year ranking challenge among our members.

    Ladder Rules

    • Ladder games can only be played against other club members already on the ladder.
    • All ladder games must be cleared by Ms. LaMunyon and both players before beginning.
    • A player who has not played a ladder mach in 1 month will forfeit to the next player below who wins a ladder game.
    • An upper-rung player cannot turn down a challenge from a lower-rung player unless already engaged in a game or there are less than 20 minutes left to play.
  • Contact Information

         Sponsor: Britny LaMunyon - Librarian


         Phone: 806-219-4044