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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Leslie Hulsey

I have been teaching at Irons since the 2011-12 school year. During my time at Irons, I have taught 6th Grade Science, 6th Grade Math, 8th Grade Science Engineering 1, and Engineering 2, as well as CougarTV & Yearbook. I am also the Robotic Club and Sewing Club leader and run the Irons Makerspace.

When Irons decided to start up an Engineering program in the 2013-14 school year,  I was honored that I was chosen and thrilled to be able to take on the task. The program started with one 8th grade Engineering class. Each year the program has grown and today we now offer Engineering for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. 

Throughout the school year our classes will touch on multiple Engineering fields and work on many projects. If you take this class you will learn more about robotics, rocketry, Bio-Medical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, structures, and so much more. You could also compete in mini STEM challenges, as well as an Egg Drop and Catapult Competition.  Hope to see you at Irons this next school year! 

  • Engineering 1 Units Taught

    • Intro to Engineering

    • Machines

    • Lego Robotics 1

    • Aerospace

    • Watt's Up

    • Catapult Competition

    • Egg Drop Competition

  • Engineering 2 Units Taught

    • Review Intro to Engineering

    • Environmental Engineering

    • Human Machines

    • Rocketry 2

    • Lego Robotics 2

    • Catapult Competition

    • Egg Drop Competition

  • Engineering 3 Units Taught

    • Review Intro to Engineering

    • Structures

    • Drones EDU

    • First Robotics

    • Imaging the Human Body

    • Catapult Competition

    • Egg Drop Competition

Irons Engineers Facebook Information

  • This Facebook page was created to share with parents, family, and friends to see all the fun and exciting projects and activities that we do while in Engineering class. Please feel free to comment and share any pictures or posts with your personal Facebook.