Dual Credit Information

  • What is Dual Credit?

    Monterey offers students the opportunity to earn college credit while taking high school classes.  Dual credit simply means students sit in classes at MHS that are offered for dual credit and at the same time earning college credit at one of two colleges that partners with MHS.  If requirements are met, then college credit is awarded at the end of the semester course.  Students then have a college transcript documenting hours that can be transferred to a two or four year university.  Students have the opportunity to earn dual credit through South Plains College or dual enrollment through UT/TTU OnRamps program.  

    What courses are offered as dual credit at Monterey?

    A complete list of MHS dual crdit courses can be found on this page.

    How do I enroll in dual credit courses through SPC?

    1. South Plains College dual credit requires that students apply to SPC for admissions on the SouthPlains College website.  Click here for the link.  This step is only required one time to be initially admitted to SPC.

    2. Submit an official transcript to SPC.  Transcripts can be obtained with the MHS registrar in the main office.  The first transcript if free then $1 for each transcript thereafter.  A transcript must be submitted to SPC once per year.

    3. Submit an Early Admissions Approval Form to SPC, signed by your counselor.  The approval form must be submitted each semester.

    4. Meet TSI requirements.  Most students will need to take the TSI assessment in order to meet the required TSI obligation.  However, students may qualify for dual credit through various exemptions.  See the TSI exemption form for details.

    How do I enroll in dual enrollment courses through UT or TTU OnRamps program?

    If a student enrolls in a course offered through UT/TTU OnRamps program, the student enrolls in the course at MHS.  If the fall semester requirements are met, the student will take the spring semester course as dual credit.  If requirements are met, the student will earn college credit through UT or TTU.

Dual Credit Files