This is a competition team that is selected by invitation only.

    The team is comprised of Honors students who not only have straight A’s but have the highest grades at LHS. Additionally, the coaches look at the PSAT score in selecting Honors Octathlon members. The team is also comprised of Scholastic (students with a B average) and Varsity (students with a C average).

    Every student’s score counts---you are all important to the success of the team!

    Octathlon studies eight subjects:

    • Art

    • Math

    • History

    • Economics

    • Music

    • Language and Literature

    • Science

    • Essay

    The overall theme this year is INNOVATION.

    The Octathlon coaches are:

    Nathan Timmons

    Neoka Perez

    Kay Spikes Moore

    If you are interested in being a part of our team, please contact Mrs. Moore at kaymoore@lubbockisd.org