Current Scholarships Available

  • NROTC Scholarship

    This scholarship is open for the class of 2023.

    Applicants must enter five Navy ROTC affiliated colleges or universities in their scholarship application. If selected, we will try to place your scholarship at your first choice school, but due to limits on the number of scholarships that may be placed at each NROTC school, your scholarship may be placed at your second through fifth choice school. The scholarship offer is for a specific school and may not be used at any other NROTC school without prior approval. You must apply to, be accepted at, and enroll in your assigned school in order to utilize the scholarship. Applying to more than just your first choice school will increase the chances for acceptance and enrollment and will therefore increase the opportunities to use a scholarship if selected.

    More information can be found here.

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  • Big Future Scholarships through College Board (for the class of 2023)

    BigFuture™ Scholarships are open to all students in the class of 2023. Completing one or more of these college planning steps automatically qualifies you for a chance to win $500 and $40,000 scholarships. The sooner you start - and the more steps you complete - the more chances you will have to win. Drawings are held every month starting in January 2022. Your entries each month will be included in future drawings. There is no required essay, minimum GPA or test score. You qualify yourself by taking steps to get ready for life after high school. If your family's income is less than $60,000 per year, you will get extra chances at these scholarships and earn double the entries for every drawing.


    Big Future Scholarships

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