Graduation Recognition Forms

  • Graduation Recognition Forms

    An important part of graduation is recognizing those students who have accomplished great things in high school or have made a commitment to serve our country in the armed forces. Below are forms that must be submitted in order to be recognized at graduation.



    Students who have received scholarship offers will be recognized at graduation with individual notations of the offers and standing recognition. Students must submit an offer form along with scholarship verification in order to be recognized.  Verification of the scholarship can be in the form of an e-mail, letter or any written notification.

    Scholarship Offer Form PDF- Graduation Recognition

    Scholarship Offer Form Electronic-Fill In -Graduation Recognition



    Students who have made a commitment to enlist with one of our military branches and serve our country will be recognized at graduation.  Seniors must get the military commitment form signed and submit it in order to be recognized.

    Military Enlistment Recognition Form - Graduation 


    Deadline to Submit both Scholarship and Military Enlistment Forms:  Friday, May 10th.

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