• Students Taking Courses as Pass/Fail

    Students in grades 10-12 may take designated coursework as pass/fail by declaring their intent in writing prior to the end of the first nine weeks of class (fall semester) and prior to the end of the third nine weeks of class (spring semester), provided the following criteria are met: 

    1.  The student is enrolled in 10th, 11th or 12th

    2.  The student has a minimum grade point average of 4.0 or higher.

    3.  The student has fulfilled graduation requirements in the area of the pass/fail course.

    4.  The course is not pre-AP or AP or a weighted elective course.

    • Those achieving a grade of 70 or higher shall be awarded credit, but a numerical grade will not be recorded on the transcript nor included in the student’s grade point average.
    • The pass/fail grade (P or F)  will be indicated on the semester final grade.
    • By taking a non-weighted class pass/fail, this grade is not calculated in the grade point average. Thus, the student is not penalized for taking a course that does not receive extra grade points.
    • Students in an AP Computer Science A will not need to complete a pass/fail form for these courses. One of the credits is automatically administered as a pass/fail credit. 

    MHS counselors will make contact with all eligible students in the fall of each year and provide a pass/fail form for them to return prior to the deadline. Spring courses will automatically be included as pass/fail should the student's eligibility remain in place, unless the student notifies the counselor requesting to opt out of the pass/fail opportunity. Feel free to reach out to your counselor with questions.