Advanced Placement (AP) Information

  • Why AP?

    Enrolling in AP high school AP courses has many benefits.

    • College admissions representatives rank class selection as the number one factor for student admissions.
    • Students earning a score of of 2 or higher (out of a 5 point scale) are more likely than other students to earn a bachelor's degree in 4 to 5 years.
    • AP courses offer more rigorous coursework (college level curriculum) and more indepth teaching of the subject.

    In LISD, students who take AP courses earn weighted credit.  This simply means that students receive one extra grade point weight.   This is a great advantage to a student's GPA and ranking. Additionally, LISD pays for all students who take an AP math, science or English class to take the exam corresponding to the enrolled course (excluding Physics).  For students in Physics and any AP social studies, LISD pays for students who place in the top 25% of a qualifying assessment.

    Monterey offers more than 25 advanced placement courses.  Along with many of the benefits already discussed, students enter college better prepared and are more likely to be successful in college courses than students who do not participate in AP courses. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Files