Campus Clerks

Campus Clerks
    • Build relationships with students and families.
    • Let each student know they were missed when they return to school.
    • Take attendance every class period.
    • Notify parents of student absences in a timely manner.
    • Follow-up on uncleared absences.
    • Work with parents of students with "poor" attendance.
    • Actively engage all stakeholder groups: parents, students and families, businesses, social service agencies, higher education and faith-based organizations.
    • Notify school administration of studnets who have excessive absences.
    • Watch for attendance patterns. For example, students who frequently miss a Friday and/or a Monday.
    • Work with school administration to follow disctrict procedures for excessive absences.
      • File for truancy conferences in a timely manner.
      • File for court hearings in a timely manner.
    • Work with administrators to insure teachers submit their attendance within the designated time frame.