• SPC Disability Services


    SPC’s Disability Services Office coordinates all academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  The Disability Office is the official office to review and house disability documentation for students, and to provide students with an official Letter of Accommodation.  Students with disabilities are not required to register with the Disability Office, unless they are seeking classroom accommodations. 


    Dual Credit Students who have an SPC faculty member teaching their class at the high school will also need to apply through SPC’s Disability Office for any classroom accommodations they are seeking as opposed to utilizing any high school accommodations that may already be in place. 


    For more information, please visit our homepage at:



    Webpage includes:

    • Application for Accommodations
    • Disability Accommodation Procedures
    • Learning Disability Documentation Guidelines


    Our Disability Office recommends that students be re-evaluated their senior year. This will provide the institution they plan to attend with up-to-date and current information regarding their disability.



    For more information, please contact Ms. Linda Young (806) 716-2577 or Ms. Dawn Valles (806) 716-4675 or lyoung@southplainscollege.edu or dvalles@southplainscollege.edu.  Accommodations Application and documentation can be faxed to (806) 894-7961.  Please follow up with a phone call or email for status.