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    Topic: Employee Reimbursements

    Reference or Contact:         Accounts Payable


    Transactions that deviate from the normal purchasing process should be avoided when possible.  The following information outlines the reimbursement parameters to be used when reimbursing expenses incurred by Lubbock ISD employees:

    • Employee reimbursements are not to exceed $100 per request.
    • All fund codes are subject to these limitations.
    • All receipts from a given vendor, on a given day should be aggregated for the purpose of applying the limitations.
    • All hand-written receipts or invoices must be stamped with the vendor’s name and contact information.
    • Packing slips and order forms are not suitable documentation for reimbursement and will result in the denial of the request.
    • In the event questionable documentation, as deemed by the Accounts Payable Department, is submitted for employee reimbursement the Accounts Payable Department shall request additional information and/or supplemental documentation.


    Employees should be reminded of the purchasing process as follows:

    • Purchases should be entered into TEAMS by the campus/department secretary.
    • Once the proper approval channels have been met, purchasing will convert the request into a Purchase Order (PO) and fax it to the vendor. (In an emergency situation, the secretary can request a faxed copy of the PO in order to self-process with the vendor.)


    See Travel Reimbursement procedures for employee reimbursements regarding authorized travel.