• Facility Rentals (PDF) Facility Rentals (PDF)


    Topic: Facility Rentals

    Reference or Contact:          Facility Rentals Manager


    Lubbock ISD (LISD) shall “permit non-school use of designated District facilities for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities when these activities do not conflict with school use or with Board Policies,” such as GKD (LOCAL), DGA (LOCAL), FM (LOCAL), FNAB (LOCAL), and GE (LOCAL). 

    The Facilities Rentals Department shall adhere to and promote the LISD Facility Rental Procedures and coordinate the use of LISD school facilities by community groups in an economic and efficient manner.  LISD events shall be entered into MySchoolBuilding in a timely manner by the designated campus representative.  This will allow LISD events to hold priority over community group events and the facility will not show as available on the Community Use Calendar.  The Campus Administrator shall sign into MySchoolBuilding once a day and approve/decline pending request within three (3) business days.  In the event of an athletic facility rental (i.e. fields and gyms) the Assistant Athletic Director shall also approve/decline the request within three (3) business days.  When an athletic facility rental is approved, the Athletic Coordinator/Elementary P.E. Coach is responsible for setting up LISD athletic equipment (volleyball nets, time clocks, chairs, etc.) and ensuring the facility is ready (basketball goals and bleaches are in the correct position) for the community group’s rental. It is imperative the Athletic Coordinator/Elementary P.E. Coach view the Community Use Calendar on a daily basis to prepare for upcoming events.

    All applicable LISD employees, Professional(s), Custodian(s), Technician(s) and Security personnel shall maintain a professional demeanor and work collaboratively to promote LISD throughout the facility rentals process.  Failure to meet this standard may result in disciplinary action. 

    The Professional is responsible for overseeing the event and any additional LISD hired personnel (i.e. Police Officers, Custodians, and/or Technical Staff) to assist with the event.  Professionals are assigned to a rental by the Facility Rentals Manager, required to wear an LISD badge and business casual attire, and be attentive and mobile throughout the duration of the event to address questions and uphold District policies and procedures.  The following business day, the Professional will complete and submit a Facility Rentals Report Form to the Facility Rentals Department (you must be signed in to the Lubbock ISD website to view the form).  This requirement is vital to remain as an active Professional and for timely payment for services.

    Security (required when anticipated attendance is greater than 50) is responsible for the safety and well-being of the attendees and District property during the rental event.  The Police Lieutenant shall assign security to a rental, where they are required to be in uniform, patrol the area and have an active presence throughout the duration of the rental event.  For crowd management purposes, Security shall not leave the facility until at least the majority of the crowd has vacated the LISD premises.  Security personnel shall submit their hours worked at a facility rental to the Police and Safety Services Department by the 5th of every month.

    The Custodial Director shall assign the Custodian(s) to the facility rentals, where the Custodian(s) are required to arrive on time and be responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness of the facility.  Normal job duties (unlocking applicable doors, trash management, emergencies cleaning, etc.) shall be performed throughout the facility rentals event and not performed solely at the conclusion.

    During an event, the Professional shall address all concerns/conflicts and if they are incapable of resolving the issue, your immediate supervisor shall then be contacted.