• Discretionary Personal Leave PDF Discretionary Personal Leave (PDF)


    Topic: Discretionary Personal Leave

    Reference or Contact:          Payroll Department


    Every employee who requests to take a State Personal Leave day MUST fill out the Discretionary Personal Leave Form regardless of how many days the employee is requesting off (staff must be signed in to the Lubbock ISD website to view the form).

    If the employee request off under the following conditions, an approval from the Associate Superintendent MUST be obtained prior to the leave being taken.

    • More than 3 days
    • The day before a school holiday.
    • The day after a school holiday.
    • Days scheduled for end-of-semester or end-of-year exams.
    • Days scheduled for State mandated tests.
    • Professional or Staff development days.

    Each campus/department are to keep the Discretionary Personal Leave forms on file at the campus/department.

    Each campus/department must be able to produce these forms when asked by the Payroll Department or Associate Superintendent.

    These forms are auditable and need to be kept for 5 years.

    This form will also verify the employee had permission by the supervisor prior to the day being taken off.