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    Topic: Extra Duty Pay

    Reference or Contact:          Payroll Department


    All extra duty pay will be included in Employee’s regular paycheck.

    The following guidelines must be met, prior to submitting extra duty time for payment:

    1. Extra duty time is for a full complete month (Ex: June 1st thru June 30th). Do not send partial months in for payment as they will be held until the month is over.
    1. Extra duty time for the previous month will be due by the 10th of the following month (Ex: June 1st-30th is due by July 10th).
    1. Any extra duty time submitted after the 10th, will be paid the following month.
    1. Payroll Memos must be submitted with all extra duty timecards.
    1. Examples of the Payroll memos are located on the Payroll Department website (staff must be signed into the Lubbock ISD website to view the memos).
    • Extra Duty “Flat Rate” memo – employee is receiving a flat rate stipend for their pay. No timecard is required.
    • Extra Duty “Per Hour” memo – Employee is being paid by the hour. Timecards must be submitted along with the memo to indicate the hours that were worked.
    1. All extra duty memo’s must include the duty performed, the rate of pay and account number to pay from.
    1. If timecards are submitted without the proper memo, the timecards will be returned back to the campus/department so that the proper memo can be attached to the timecard. This may cause delay in payment.


    Employee Extra Duty Pay from 461 funds or 865 funds

    Payment for an employee of the district that works in other areas (ex: athletic games, accompanist, etc.) will be processed through Payroll.  Please use the following steps when paying an employee from 461 funds or 865 funds to pay an employee for extra duty.

    • The campus secretary will prepare an Activity Fund Payment (AFP) Form payable to the employee for extra duty
    • Sponsor signatures are required if using an 865 activity fund account
    • The Principal approval signature is required for the AFP to be processed
    • Attach all time cards
    • Send to the Accounts Payable Department
    • The Accounts Payable Department will forward to the Payroll Department