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    Topic: Jury Duty and Court Appearances

    Reference or Contact:          Payroll Department


    Lubbock ISD Employee Handbook available through TEAMS Employee Service Center supersedes the below procedures.


    Jury Duty

    District employees are encouraged to serve as jurors when selected.  There shall be no deduction from their pay for the days missed for this purpose.  They will be expected, however to submit a jury duty certificate.  Failure to submit a certificate shall cause the employee to have a deduction of the daily rate of pay for any and all days absent from work.

    An employee who responds to a jury summons must return to his or her work site immediately upon release from jury duty if released by 3:00 pm.


    Other Court Appearances

    Employees will be paid while on leave to comply with a valid subpoena to appear in civil, criminal, legislative, or administrative proceeding and will not be required to use personal leave.  Employees may be required to submit documentation of their need for leave for court appearances.