• UIL-Athletic Absence UIL-Athletic Absence (PDF)


    Topic: UIL-Athletic Absence

    Reference or Contact:          Payroll Department/Athletic Department


    A Lubbock ISD Employee may be absent for UIL-Athletics if the employee meets one of the following requirements:

    • Coach or an Assistant Coach – employee must be assigned to coaching a team in the event being played
    • Color Guard, Cheerleader or Pom Squad Sponsor – the squad must be participating in the event being played

    It is not considered an absence for UIL-Athletics, and therefore the employee shall enter the absence in the TEAMS Employee Service Center as “State Personal Leave,” if an employee is:

    • A Coach or an Assistant Coach, but has no district assigned coaching responsibilities in the event being played
    • Attending the athletic event as a parent/guardian
    • Volunteering

    According to the Lubbock ISD Athletic Management Handbook, absences taken for state tournaments are not approved UIL-Athletic absences unless you are attending as a part of a team competing. Contact the Athletic Department for additional information.