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    Topic: Segregation of Controls

    Reference or Contact:          Special Projects Accountant


    Lubbock Independent School District shall have an internal control structure in place to provide reasonable assurance the school district’s assets are safeguarded from unauthorized use or disposition.  The attitude of a school district’s administration about the importance of internal controls is a key factor in the successful implementation of an internal control system.  Development of policies, procedures and guidelines that include internal control elements is critical.  Willingness to immediately take corrective action when deficiencies are discovered is also imperative.  When Lubbock ISD creates an internal control plan, it shall consider including:

    • Security measures to safeguard the school district’s assets from internal or external misuse (such as video monitoring, limiting access, security codes and computer password)
    • Segregation of duties
    • Hardware and software controls
    • Internal audit and review functions
    • External audits