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    Topic: Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Reference or Contact:          Career & Technical Education Director


    The Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is located at 34th and Ave. Q.  The center was established to provide advanced Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs for 10th-12th grade students from all Lubbock ISD (LISD) campuses. 

    Students may request information about enrolling in ATC courses from their school counselor or they may contact the ATC directly to request a tour. Interested students and parents/guardians may be directed to view the CTE website for additional information regarding CTE Programs by Cluster Areas and CTE Career Pathways with Course Descriptions.  When enrolled in the LISD CTE program, students continue to belong to their home campus and take at least two (2) consecutive classes or one double-blocked course at a time, so they are at the ATC campus for two (2) periods every day.  LISD provides transportation to and from the ATC with buses available at every high school throughout the day, or students may provide their own transportation.

    Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) provide additional opportunities for leadership and citizenship development and are an integral part of the CTE program in LISD.  Students shall be encouraged to join and participate in related CTSO.

    Additional information regarding the CTE program at LISD is available on the CTE website.